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  • Heritage Lights installed at Eastbourne Station

    Another successful project! Approach Works’ Heritage Lights have been installed in the main hall of Eastbourne train station; Approach Works was chosen as the sole partner to develop and manufacture the Heritage Lights, based on Network Rail’s specific Heritage requirements. The Heritage Lights have Railway Heritage and English Heritage approvals, and will be rolled out to other Heritage sites. Approach […]

  • Industrial Canopy Light / Flood Light supplied to Network Rail

    Our TRI LED Luminaire is an LED canopy light for commercial applications. Designed to replace traditional HID, fluorescent light sources, this series is Water-proof, Dust-proof, and Corrosion-proof, IP rating is IP67, suitable for harsh environments. The high performance aluminium heat sink is specifically designed for LEDs to ensure best heat dissipation.

  • Our IP68 LED Lighting

    LED Lighting strip for large Industrial Unit – our IP68 outdoor LED strip ensures a robust solution, to great effect. For further information, detailed in our data sheet, click here